• Daisuke Sakaue

    Daisuke Sakaue

    I live in Saitama, am a member of the Japan Miniature Book Association, and have been a part-time lecturer at Wako University since 2009. I mostly do hand illustrations of animals that are used in magazines and other printed materials, advertising journals and for advertising. I also work in package and logo design and am active as a creator of miniature books and pottery.

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  • Tsuyoshi Tagami

    Tsuyoshi Tagami

    I was born in Fukuoka. After working in design production at an advertising firm, I began working independently in 2001. I am the Head of the Art & Design Tag Company. My main area of design work includes graphic design, WEB design, editing digital images, and portrait illustration. I work in advertising design for various companies using these skills.

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  • Teri Suzanne

    Teri Suzanne

    A creative multi-tasker, Teri is a Bilingual Educator, children’s book author/cut paper illustrator, producer of multi-media edutainment products for kids, songwriter, television/stage personality and voiceover actor for clients including NHK,Columbia Music Entertainment, Disney,SkyPerfect!TV,
    Skip, Polygon Pictures, GYRO and Benesse. Known as “the voice with a smile”, Teri is a passionate voiceover actor whose priority is the creation of products that speak to the hearts and minds of children. Her English translations and voice were selected to bring warmth and life to Ehon-ya’s
    expanding library.

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  • Atsuko Uegaki

    Atsuko Uegaki

    Born in Kyoto. After working for a design company, became a freelance illustrator. Held solo exhibitions in 1999 at the Matsuya Department store in Ginza and at the MANIFESTO GALLERY IN 2006. Has participated in many group exhibitions and other specially planned exhibitions. Main work focuses on illustrations used for advertising, books and magazines.

    Published works:
    ・“Kikanbo kyo chan” (Bungeisha )
    ・“Omoshiroi kotenjuku” (Mainichi shogakusei shinbun)

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