• Mayuka Thais

    Mayuka Thais

    Mayuka Thais, a “Tokyoite Californian”, is an award winning singer-songwriter, artist, bilingual voiceover actor, art educator and motivational speaker for youth. Since the age of 5, she has recorded for clients including NHK, Columbia Music Entertainment, Polygon Records, Skip, SkyPerfect!TV, G-angle and Benesse. Dedicated to animal rights, she produced “When Elephants Cry”, a YouTube music video hit that prompted an invitation to sing at the L.A. Comedy Store for a recognition dinner of high profile celebrities who advocate freedom of elephants in captivity. Mayuka is excited to contribute her bouncy, energetic voice to the talented Ehon-ya family.

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  • Keiji Nakamura

    Keiji Nakamura

    I was born in Kumamoto and grew up in Kagoshima. In an age where everyone is using a computer, I am one of the last few computer illiterates on this planet! I still use an airbrush for my illustrations. However, thanks to IT expansions, I am really happy that this generation of kids can see my work. I love drawing monsters, giants and unusual animals. Because I grew up near the ocean, it is easy for me to draw fish and creatures from the sea. I hope that someday, if I have the opportunity to come across a good space story, that I will have the chance to draw beings from other planets!

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  • Noboru Obayashi

    Noboru Obayashi

    I was born in Oota, Tokyo. After quitting Dokkyo University, I completed studies at the Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design. I work as an illustrator of children’s books but am also known as a Quiz and Puzzle Designer who has created many published works.

    Main published works include:
    ・“Shogakusei Kara no Kotowaza Kyoshitsu” (Kyoikuhyoronsha)
    ・“Dokidoki Yuenchi” (Kumon Publishers)
    ・“Ijiwaru Daisuki! Hikkake Quiz” (Tozaisha)

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  • Kanako Oshima

    Kanako Oshima

    I was born in Kobe and graduated from Tama Art University in Oil Painting. After graduation, I spent time studying in France. Currently, I am a member of the History of Scientific Art Association. Most of my works involve making “sashie” illustrations for science and nature picture books and encyclopedias.

    Published works include:
    ・“Tsugakuro no Kusabana Ehon”,
    ・“Ehon of the Month”
    ・“Abunai Ikimono Daizukan” (PHP Kenkyujyo)
    ・“Manabi ya Bukku ” series(Meijishoin)
    ・“Tanbou Nihon Mistuhachi no Tanoshimi”, which is currently appearing in a series featured in “Gendai Nogyo” (Nobunkyo)

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  • Hisako Ozono

    Hisako Ozono

    I was born in Tokyo and grew up in Niigata. Currently I live in Tokyo.
    After working for a production company, I became a freelance designer and illustrator. This is a first time for me to take the challenge as a picture book illustrator. My works include government poster designs, illustrations for business and local government publications, and character designs including Local mascot character (“Yuru-chara”) I specialize in designs of children, women, animals, plants and food. My interests include making sweets, going to karaoke alone and talking over good sake. I always have a passionate heart but maintain a cool head!

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