• J.H. Soeder

    J.H. Soeder

    I am an award-winning author, artist and environmentalist. Currently writing a new, six episode SF series, “Element 238”, of which five episodes have been completed. I am also writing a new fiction novel based on real events that happened in 1925 on a prison farm in Mississippi, when everyone thought slavery was dead. As a professional graphic artist, I work with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services designing their technical publications for Congress. I also write a blog about whales.

    My author’s site is
    and my whale blog is

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  • Toru Kaichi

    Toru Kaichi

    I graduated in Graphic Design from Tokyo Design Gakuin. I worked for a design company but turned freelance and have remained a freelance illustrator since 1985. I held solo exhibitions in 1995 and 1996 and I also participated in “12 Artists” show that has been held every year since 2005. I create illustrations for picture books, children’s books, magazine covers and web designs.

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  • Takaaki Kishikawa

    Takaaki Kishikawa

    I was born in Fukuoka. After quitting university, I worked as a Graphic Designer before becoming a freelance illustrator. I want to make illustrations that will make children feel happy and energetic. My illustrations of children, families and animals are used for children’s books, teaching materials and in advertising.

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  • Minoru Kiyan

    Minoru Kiyan

    I was born in Okinawa and graduated from Tokyo Design Gakuin College. After working for an advertising company, I became an illustrator. I work in all areas of advertising and children’s books.

    Published works include:
    ・“Omusubikororin” from “CD Tsuki Tanoshii Eikaiwa-Nihon Mukashibanashi” (Gakken)
    ・“Ohanashi Shi-ru Ehon Ponchan” (Kodansha)
    ・“Karada de Asobou Zen 5 Kan” (Kumon Publishers)
    ・“Nandemo Rankingu 100” (PHP Kenkyujo)
    ・“Tanoshii Eigo Zukan”(PHP Kenkyujo)

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  • Hisaharu Koshihama

    Hisaharu Koshihama

    I was born in Toyama and currently live in Tokyo. I have also lived in Osaka and America. I worked in web design/creation before becoming an illustrator. I am the proud father of twins! My trademark is my hat, long hair and round glasses. I work in all fields of design but my primary focus is books, teaching materials and children’s books.

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  • Nozomi Kudo

    Nozomi Kudo

    I was born in Hokkaido. I am an illustrator, manga artist and creator of character picture books.

    Published works:
    ・“Anrakki-kun Kimi no Soba ni Iru yo”
    ・“Anrakki-kun Tsuki no Pendant no Himitsu”
    ・“Tango to Reira no Happi- Kokoro Uranai” (PHP Kenkyujo)

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  • Kunimi Andrea

    Kunimi Andrea

    From the age of 7, Kunimi, a “Tokyoite Californian,” has been an actress, bilingual voiceover actor and recording artist for clients including NHK, Columbia Music Entertainment, Imagica, Skip, Polygon Pictures, G-angle and Benesse. Her bilingual work includes television commercials, promotional events, children’s multi-media edutainment products, Wii software games and animation. A popular voiceover talent known for her energetic and imaginative expression, she is also a competent bilingual recording artist. Kunimi is delighted to be able to contribute her voice and spirit to the Ehon-ya family of talented artists.

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  • Yuko Kuwazawa

    Yuko Kuwazawa

    Born in Gifu and currently live in Kanagawa.
    After working for an editing production and design company, I became a freelance illustrator in 2006.

    Published works include:
    ・“AEON KIDS Wizard” character (AEON)
    ・“Meri-zu” web picture book (KAO)
    ・“Pokke” cover illustration (Gakken)
    ・“Rakugaki Asobi” (Seibidoshuppan)
    ・“Otanjoubi no Hon” (Fure-berukan)

    I work mostly with picture books and teaching materials.

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