• Yoko Gokyu

    Yoko Gokyu

    I was born and raised in Tokyo, in the city of Meguro.
    I am a former announcer for Tokyo FM.
    Currently, I perform on stage as well as a voiceover artist.

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  • Kyohei Hasegawa

    Kyohei Hasegawa

    I was born in Niigata Prefecture in 1943. In 1968 I became a freelance illustrator and began drawing illustrations for both weekly and monthly magazines, picture books, books and other materials. I am a member of the Association of Japanese Children's Book Artists. A few of my published picture books include “Jikan no nai Shima”, "Schweitzer", “Setonai Shonen Umizokudan”. In addition, I also serve as a staff member for many children's camp programs.

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  • Asumi Hirano

    Asumi Hirano

    I was born in Aomori, grew up in Yokohama and graduated from Kuwasawa Design School. My primary works include character and zakka design, illustration and picture books. I also like to swim with dolphins.

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  • Tetsuo Hirano

    Tetsuo Hirano

    I was born in Tokyo and am a graduate of Law from Nihon University and a graduate of Design from Tokyo Designer Gakuin College. After working as a designer, I began illustrating children’s picture books. I am a member of the Japan Children’s Book Artist Society and JIA. Although I prefer to use acrylic paints for non-digital works, I also specialize in computer graphics. My creative works include teaching materials, monthly magazines for children’s picture books, picture books and other printed publications. I am continually taking underwater photos following my photo picture book “Iruka no Sumu Shima” that was published by Child Honsha.

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  • Ken-ichi Ikebe.

    Ken-ichi Ikebe.

    Illustrator. Born in Miyazaki prefecture but grew up in Yokohama.
    Graduated in literature from Meiji University. After spending time in Boston worked in a company as a graphic designer and then fulfilled his wish to
    become a freelance designer. Work includes books, advertising and also creating characters for children’s television animation. Loves creating
    animal illustrations and designs have been used on calendars and on TV commercials.

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  • Gen-ei Ikeda

    Gen-ei Ikeda

    I was born in Kanagawa, Japan. I worked in advertising agencies as a freelance graphic designer for about 10 years, Before I knew it, I found more satisfaction working as an illustrator than I had in the field of design. I lecture at the Graduate School of the Japan Designers School in the fields of comics and illustration.

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  • Kiyo Imaizumi

    Kiyo Imaizumi

    I am a Rakushoka artist, a member of the Japan Design Calligrapher’s Association and a teacher at a Culture Center. My work covers a wide genre of expressions including calligraphy brush design for advertising and interior design. In 2006, I participated in a three-person exhibition in Berlin, Germany. In 2009, my calligraphy design was used on a poster for Harley Davidson.

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  • Kentaro Iwata

    Kentaro Iwata

    Kirie (cut paper) artist. I create kirie illustrations for period pieces and illustrate for historical works. My published works include:
    ・Illustrations for encyclopedias “Sangokushi” (Koei)and “Nobunaga no Yabo”
    ・Illustrations for Kenzo Kitakata’s work “Yokashoengi” (PHP Kenkyujyo)
    ・“Jyoka ni Shisu” (Bungeishunjyu)
    ・“Zekkai ni Arazu” (Chuokoronshinsha)
    ・“Ketsurui” (PHP Kenkyujyo)

    Currently, I am creating “sashie” illustrations for Yoshinobu Kadoi’s novel “Kamasan” (Shodensha). These are being published for a regular series.
    My illustrations have appeared regularly in newspapers and magazines.

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