Mayuka Thais

Mayuka Thais

Graduating with Honors from Otis College of Art and Design, Mayuka has exhibited work in museums and recognized as a contemporary artist. Upon requests from worldwide organizations, she has created many YouTube music videos. She received 2nd Place from Eco Arts Awards 2012 for her endangered animals music video, “All We Gotta Give”, and Honorable Mention for “ Tohora He Waiata, The Whales Song” in 2013. For the “Share the Hope Campaign”, she made the “Hope Is My Friend” music video to raise funds for seriously ill hospitalized children. She has led songwriting classes for teenagers in Los Angeles for Youth Speak Collective. An advocate for youth and endangered species, Mayuka writes and performs her own special genre of music for adult audiences in Tokyo and LA.

Advocate for children, art and music,
Music Videos:
Shimajiro Oyako Eigo 2003-2005
When Elephants Cry 2007
The Great Serengeti 2010
All We Gotta Give 2011
Hope Is My Friend 2011 (Share the Hope campaign song)
All Alone at Christmas 2011

CD albums:
Mrs. Santa Series: Thanks Santa
Teri’s Happy Animals
Ninjin Cha Cha Cha
Ahiru Samba
The Future is in Our Hands
Bring Santa to Me
Doki Doki Family
Nontan’s Christmas

1988 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Award
2012 All We Gotta Give EcoArts Award 2nd place
2013 Tohora He Waiata, The Whales Song EcoArts Award 2013