Teri Suzanne

Teri Suzanne

As former Children’s Castle’s International Department Head, Teri produced 100+ Bilingual Family Theater/Disco productions for the Aoyama Round Theater. Presenter of 1000+ lectures in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and California, she authored the Ministry of Science & Education’s 1st Internet English program, “Action 8”, and was Advisor to Japan’s 14 National Youth Centers.
A columnist/artist/author and scissor artist for magazines, newspapers and children’s books, Teri’s cut-paper educational scissor cuts are copyrighted with the Library of Congress. Teri firmly believes that Ehon-ya’s magic will bring people together to share in the beauty and power of books.

Published works:
Ego Ryokosha (エーゴ旅行社) iTunes English App (Content Consultant) GYRO
“Kirigami Chokkin”
“Teri’s Magic Scissors” (3 book series)
“I Can Series” (4 books + audio/visual materials)
“Teri’s Happy Animals” Apron Theater and CD
“The Adventures of Shiny and Sparkle” with audio cassette
“Action 8” Internet Program
“Playtime for Toddlers” (DVD, CD, board books)

Television Programs:
“Lets Open the Door” (Children’s Broadcasting Program)
Mrs. Santa’s Doki Doki Family (SkyPerfect!TV)
Teri’s Magic Scissors (NHK Educational)
Oshare Kobo (NHK)
Kagawa Snow Festival Navigator (Kagawa Television)
Hajimeyo Eikaiwa (NHK)
Hasami Street (NHK)

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