Kyohei Hasegawa

Kyohei Hasegawa

I was born on New Years day in 1943 in “snow country” known as Echigo. I was born in the Year of the Ram. Born in the Year of the Ram, as an illustrator I probably use paper as much as a Ram would eat it. Once I moved to Tokyo, I was able to polish my trade in a Graphic Design company. 1968, I became a free-lance illustrator, , and in 1971, I purchased a one-way ticket and travelled to Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, India and 35 other countries. Following my return, I began drawing illustrations for children and became a member of the Association of Japanese Children’s Book Artists. A few of my published picture books include “Jikan no nai Shima”, "Schweitzer", “Setonai Shonen Umizokudan”. In addition, I also serve as a staff member for many children's camp programs. In 1986 I took up residence in what was then, the sparsely populated island of Okinawa where I illustrated “Kongari Kokonatsu Shima”. I have lived here in Okinawa for 27 years and use driftwood to create crafts and furniture.

Artist's Works in Ehonya's Library

  • The Eight-headed Serpent

    The Eight-headed Serpent

    Sneak Preview

    Kyohei Hasegawa
    Kyoko Shimbo

    ★5 - 6 yrs

    iPad/iPhone Edition

    This is a famous legend about an eight-headed serpent and Susano...