Gen-ei Ikeda

Gen-ei Ikeda

I was born in Kanagawa, Japan. As an illustrator I have worked in ad agencies, in planning and production departments and also as freelance designer. After this, I began illustrating picture books. Currently, I lecture at the Graduate School of the Japan Designers School in the fields of comics and illustration. Because I love working with lay-outs involving “white spaces”, snow scenes are some of my most favorite subjects. Unfortunately, editors like to put objects in “white spaces”. I was given freedom to lay-out space as I wanted in one of my books, called “Yukinko no Hanashi”. Even now, this is my favorite book. I wonder if this book will become popular on Amazon? Other works include “Don Quixote”, “Kuroshi Karaka”, “Urihime to Amanjyaku”, etc.

Artist's Works in Ehonya's Library

  • The Grateful Crane

    The Grateful Crane

    Sneak Preview

    Japanese Classic...
    Gen-ei Ikeda
    Kyoko Shimbo

    ★5 - 6 yrs

    iPad/iPhone Edition

    On a cold wintry day, a kind old man rescues a swan that has bee...