Keiji Nakamura

Keiji Nakamura

I was born in Kumamoto in 1948, grew up in Kagoshima, and a graduate of Kuwasawa Design School. I am a children’s picture book illustrator, a member of the Japan Modern Naive Art Society and the Japan Children’s Book Artist Society. After working as a Graphic Designer I began illustrating children’s picture books. My primary medium is acrylic inks that are an integral part of my airbrush techniques. Apart from my published works, I hold solo and group exhibitions several times a year so that people can enjoy seeing my original illustrations. In addition, I also make original frames for my illustrations.

Published works:
・“Guri-n Manto no Pi-man” series (Iwasaki Publishers)
・“A-so-bo-te ieru ka na” from Pi-man (PHP Kenkyujo)
・“Boku no Petto wa Doragon?” Text and illustrations (Iwasaki Publishers)

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