After working in design planning for a stationary company and as a production editor, I became a freelance illustrator. I make sashie illustrations for children's teaching materials and advertising projects. In the future, I hope to create more sashie illustrations for different stories.

Published works:
・“Sekai no Shokuji 18 Kan, Roshia no Gohan” (Nobunkyo)
・“Yumeta no Ashita” (Bungeisha)
・“Shogaku Kiso Eigo - Tanoshiku Manaberu ABC” 1- 4 Kan (Kumon Publishers)

I sell my original works at solo shows and create special pictures on request for people to give as gifts.

When I think of people feeling joy when they see my work, it makes me happy. When I am creating pictures for stories, I remember how much I loved picture books as a child. I want children to feel the same way when they see my work. Thank you!

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