Daisuke Sakaue

Daisuke Sakaue

I lives in Saitama, am a member of the Japan Miniature Book Association, and have been a part-time lecturer at Wako University since 2009. I mostly do hand illustrations of animals that are used in magazines and other printed materials, advertising journals and for advertising. I worked for the Tokyu Group in magazine advertising.

Published works include “Kodomo Kotoba Ejiten” (Sanseido), (Iyasareru Eigo, Iyasu Eigo” (Sanshusha). I created the web character “Hamu-kun” for Saibokuhamu as well as other characters. I have also designed covers of advertising magazines and designs for packages, logos and fliers. Other areas of my creative work include designing cups in the shape of penguins, pottery items which are sold in shops, and miniature books which can be found at Daisuke Sakaue .

Places where miniature books are sold:
★Vitamin Tee
★Neko no Kaku
★Cafe de Akuta

Shops where pottery items are sold:
・Zakkaya Shop RuRRu*

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