Yuko Kuwazawa

Yuko Kuwazawa

Born in Gifu and currently live in Kanagawa.
After working for an editing production and design company, I became a freelance illustrator in 2006.

Published works include:
・“AEON KIDS Wizard” character (AEON)
・“Meri-zu” web picture book (KAO)
・“Pokke” cover illustration (Gakken)
・“Rakugaki Asobi” (Seibidoshuppan)
・“Otanjoubi no Hon” (Fure-berukan)

I work mostly with picture books and educational teaching materials.

I enjoy drawing animals more than people probably because I grew up in the country. I always wanted to become a writer so it is still a mystery to me why I have taken this path as an illustrator. I am not good at sitting still at home and prefer to be outdoors. I feel restless when the weather outside is good but when it rains I can really concentrate well. I like to stay active, so when I have time, I like to play tennis.

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