Noboru Obayashi

Noboru Obayashi

Hello, it’s nice to meet you! My name is Noboru Obayashi. I am a Libra, my blood type is O, and my age is somewhere over 45 ! I illustrate books for children of different age groups. I am also active as a creator of puzzles, quizzes and Nazonazo. I am hopeless when it comes to computers…if I touch one I am sure to get an electric shock! For this reason, I leave any kind of data input work up to my wife. I also like to create original characters and I collaborate with other plastic art artists too. I happen to be a fan of a baseball group called the Yokohama DeNA that makes me a rarity indeed! That about sums up who I am and I am happy to connect with you.

Artist's Works in Ehonya's Library

  • The Three Little Pigs

    The Three Little Pigs

    Sneak Preview

    Noboru Obayashi
    Kyoko Shimbo
    English Fairy Ta...

    ★3 - 4 yrs

    iPad/iPhone Edition

    Once there were three pig brothers who set out into the world to...