Kanako Oshima

Kanako Oshima

I was born in Kobe and graduated from Tama Art University in Oil Painting. After graduation, I spent time studying in France. Currently, I am a member of the History of Scientific Art Association. Most of my works involve making “sashie” illustrations for science and nature picture books and encyclopedias.

Published works include:
・“Tsugakuro no Kusabana Ehon”,
・“ Marutsuki no Ehon”
・“Abunai Ikimono Daizukan” (PHP Kenkyujo)
・“Manabi ya Bukku ” series(Meijishoin)
・“Tanbou Nihon Mistuhachi no Tanoshimi”, which is currently appearing in a series featured in “Gendai Nogyo” (Nobunkyo)

I am interested in learning about the evolution of human beings and love to learn about things that people have made. I dream of living off the land and leading a carefree life, but because I grew up in the city and want to continue drawing more than anything else, I haven’t taken the big leap to lead a life in the country yet!

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