Urashima Taro

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Urashima Taro
Japanese Classics
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Hisako Ozono
Kyoko Shimbo

3 - 6 yrs

iPad Edition

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A fisherman named Urashima Taro strolls along the beach to work. On the way, he sees some boys who are teasing a little sea turtle. He tells the boys to leave the turtle alone. Little does he realize that the turtle he has saved is no ordinary turtle! Later the turtle returns and in appreciation of Urashima Taro’s kindness, takes him to the bottom of the sea to a beautiful castle.
Days turn into years and Urashima Taro remembers his friends and family and asks to go home. Reluctantly, the turtle takes him back to the shore and presents him with a special box but warns him never to open it. Will Urashima Taro open the box, and if he does, what awaits him?